SCHARP / FHCRC, 1616 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102
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Take the Fairview / Seattle Center exit from either North Bound (Left hand exit) or South Bound I-5.
Turn right onto Fairview Ave North
At the next light (Valley & Fairview), turn right onto Fairview Ave North
Fairview turns left and merges into Eastlake Ave East
Turn into the driveway imedietly after the Bank of America and before the 1616 Building Sign.
As you pull into the building you can either turn to the right and park in the back right corner or go straight and the turn left and park in the back left corner. Both guest parking spots are free.
If the guest parking is all full, there is free street parking on Blaine, Garfield, Franklin, and Fairview.
Please Note: This is a secure building, so please arrive on time. If you wish to park in the garage, you must be inside before 7PM when the doors close. Please knock on the front door and the security guard will let you in. We will meet everybody in the lobby and esscort you to the conference room. If you arrive late, the security guard will call the conference room and we will send someone down to bring you up to the conference room. If you have parked in the garage, there is automatic opening exit at the south end of the building to let you out of the building when leaving.
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